Best Cheap Coffee on Amazon: Top Picks for Budget-friendly Brews in 2024

Coffee is a daily ritual for many people around the world, providing a much-needed boost of energy and a moment of relaxation. With countless options available, it can be difficult to navigate through the realm of online coffee offerings. For those seeking an affordable yet delicious cup of joe, Amazon offers a vast array of inexpensive choices that do not compromise taste or quality. In this article, we go over the best cheap coffee on Amazon.

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As coffee enthusiasts, we understand the importance of a great cup of coffee without breaking the bank. Factors such as the type of roast, bean origin, and flavor profile all come into play when selecting the perfect blend. Moreover, it’s essential to pay attention to the packaging and freshness of the coffee, as these factors directly impact the overall experience.

When choosing the best cheap coffee on Amazon, it’s important to consider elements like roast level, grind size, and personal taste preferences. Researching customer reviews and ratings can also provide valuable insights into the overall satisfaction with a particular blend. Furthermore, certain certifications—such as Fair Trade or Organic—may be worth looking for, as they ensure both ethical and environmental standards have been met during production.

To make your coffee selection process easier and more enjoyable, we have carefully researched, tested, and compared a wide variety of affordable coffee blends available on Amazon. Our goal is to help you find the perfect cup that satisfies your taste buds while providing a smooth and fulfilling experience, all without breaking your budget.

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Best Cheap Coffee on Amazon

We have compiled a list of the best affordable coffee options available on Amazon. Discover your new favorite brew without breaking the bank.

Kauai Hawaiian Ground Coffee, Coconut Caramel Crunch Flavor

Kauai Hawaiian Ground Coffee

Experience delightful tropical flavors in Kauai Coffee’s Coconut Caramel Crunch and enjoy paradise in every cup.


  • Delicious and unique coconut caramel crunch flavor
  • Smooth, satisfying Arabica coffee
  • Sustainable and environmentally-friendly farming practices


  • Flavor might not suit those who prefer plain or bitter coffee
  • The blend contains only 10% Hawaiian coffee
  • Price may be higher than some other everyday coffee options

We recently tasted the Kauai Hawaiian Ground Coffee, Coconut Caramel Crunch flavor, and found ourselves instantly transported to the beautiful island of Kauai. The perfect combination of sweet caramel and tropical coconut flavors blended with medium-roasted Arabica beans created a simply delightful coffee experience.

As a true coffee lover, we appreciated Kauai Coffee’s commitment to sustainable farming practices and being environmentally friendly throughout the entire coffee making process. It was reassuring to know that the company is Hawaii’s largest coffee grower and has nearly 4 million coffee trees on 3,100 acres of land.

However, one minor drawback we noted was that only 10% of the beans used in this blend were actually grown on the Kauai estate – but this did not compromise the taste and aroma of the coffee. Although the price may be higher compared to everyday coffee options, the unique, delicious flavor and quality of the Coconut Caramel Crunch coffee make it worth trying.

In conclusion, if you are looking for a unique and flavorful coffee experience with a touch of tropical paradise, we highly recommend the Kauai Hawaiian Ground Coffee, Coconut Caramel Crunch flavor. Give it a try, and you might just find your new favorite coffee blend.

Happy Belly House Blend Ground Coffee, Medium Roast, 32 Ounce

Happy Belly House Blend Ground Coffee

The Happy Belly House Blend is a flavorful, affordable choice for daily coffee drinkers who value taste and consistency.


  • Good quality at a fair price
  • Smooth, flavorful medium roast
  • Kosher


  • Can have a slightly acidic taste
  • Not the strongest flavor
  • Some inconsistency in taste

The Happy Belly House Blend Ground Coffee has been our recent go-to option for daily coffee consumption. The 32 oz. bag provides a generous amount of medium roast coffee to last for quite some time. What we have come to appreciate about this blend is its smooth taste, which has just the right flavor balance for a morning cup of coffee.

Kosher and produced by an Amazon brand, Happy Belly offers this blend at a competitive price that suits most budgets. This means we can enjoy our daily cups without breaking the bank. This medium roast has a delightful flavor profile that is neither too weak nor too strong, making it ideal for those who prefer something in the middle.

However, there have been instances when the flavor came across as slightly acidic or not as strong as we would have liked. This inconsistency was a minor drawback, but worth mentioning, as it might not suit everyone’s taste preferences. Despite the few imperfections we’ve encountered, we still find this coffee to be a great option for those seeking an affordable, enjoyable blend for everyday coffee drinking.

In conclusion, the Happy Belly House Blend Ground Coffee is worth considering if you’re looking for a budget-friendly coffee option with a smooth, flavorful profile. While there may be some inconsistencies in flavor and acidity, the overall quality and affordability make it a compelling choice for daily caffeine fixes.

Gevalia Colombian Medium Roast Ground Coffee (12 oz Bag)

Gevalia Colombian Medium Roast Ground Coffee

Gevalia Colombian Ground Coffee offers a rich, never-bitter medium roast that is perfect for those seeking an affordable, high-quality coffee experience.


  • Rich, never-bitter medium roast flavor
  • 100% Arabica beans sourced from Colombian mountains
  • Compatible with all coffee makers


  • Resealable bag may not lock in freshness as well as other packaging
  • May not suit those who prefer dark roast
  • Some may find it a bit mild in flavor

We recently tried Gevalia Colombian Medium Roast Ground Coffee and were impressed by its rich flavor without any bitterness. This medium roast coffee, made from 100% Arabica beans sourced from the mountains of Colombia, has a pleasing aroma that fills our home when brewing. It’s a perfect addition to our morning routine, and we’ve found it to be a great, wallet-friendly alternative to more expensive coffee brands.

The resealable fresh lock tin tie on the packaging is designed to lock in the exquisite taste of the coffee and maintain the aroma. However, we were not completely sold on its freshness-preserving abilities. We recommend storing this coffee in an airtight container to ensure maximum freshness.

One of the things we love about this coffee is that it’s compatible with all coffee makers – perfect for those who want an easy-to-brew and tasty coffee without worrying about compatibility issues. Also, it’s worth mentioning that Gevalia Colombian Medium Roast Ground Coffee is Kosher, making it suitable for those who follow a Kosher diet.

In conclusion, Gevalia Colombian Medium Roast Ground Coffee is an excellent choice for those looking to find the best cheap coffee on Amazon. Its rich flavor, compatibility with all coffee makers, and affordability make it a must-try for coffee enthusiasts. Keep in mind that some may find the medium roast a bit mild, and proper storage will be key to maintaining maximum freshness.

Yuban Traditional Medium Roast Ground Coffee (31 oz Canister)

Yuban Traditional Medium Roast Ground Coffee

Yuban’s Traditional Medium Roast Ground Coffee is a great choice for those seeking a rich, full-flavored coffee without breaking the bank.


  • Smooth, medium roast with a rich aroma
  • Made with a mix of Robusta and Arabica beans
  • Resealable canister for lasting freshness


  • Canister size may be too large for infrequent coffee drinkers
  • Not ideal for those who prefer dark roast coffee
  • Limited brewing instructions on the packaging

We recently tried Yuban Traditional Medium Roast Ground Coffee and were pleasantly surprised by its smooth and full-bodied flavor. The blend of Robusta and Arabica beans provides a well-rounded taste without being overly bitter or dark. Although it’s a medium roast, the coffee has a rich aroma that fills the room upon brewing.

The 31-ounce resealable canister is great for keeping the coffee fresh, maintaining the bold flavor and powerful aroma of the blend. We found that storing it in a cool, dry place helped to preserve its quality even further. However, for those who don’t drink coffee frequently, the canister might prove to be too large, so please consider your consumption habits before purchasing.

Yuban Traditional Medium Roast Ground Coffee is suitable for various brewing methods, including drip coffee makers, French press, and pour-over brewers. We experimented with all methods and achieved great results each time. However, we noticed that the packaging lacks specific brewing instructions, which might be an inconvenience, especially for beginners. Overall, we believe that this coffee offers fantastic value and is perfect for anyone looking to enjoy a delicious cup on a budget.

Solimo Medium Roast Coffee Pods, Kona Blend

Solimo Kona Blend Coffee Pods

A solid choice for daily coffee drinkers seeking an affordable yet satisfying Kona blend for their Keurig machine.


  • Affordable with 100 pods per pack
  • Blend of Kona and Latin American beans for a smooth flavor
  • Compatible with both 1.0 and 2.0 k-cup brewers


  • Only 10% Kona coffee in the blend
  • May not be strong enough for those who prefer bold flavors
  • Lacks distinct flavor differentiation

As avid coffee drinkers, we were excited to try out the Solimo Kona Blend coffee pods for our Keurig machine. These medium-roast pods offer a blend of Kona and Latin American beans, resulting in a smooth and mild cup of coffee. We were quite pleased with the mild sweetness, subtle aroma, and balanced finish it provided.

While the flavor of these pods was enjoyable as a daily drink, those who seek a more robust or distinct taste might find it lacking. Since it only contains 10% Kona coffee, it may not meet the expectations of Kona enthusiasts. However, it still delivers a pleasant coffee experience that remains gentle on the budget. We found it suitable for our daily caffeine fix without breaking the bank.

Overall, we recommend the Solimo Medium Roast Coffee Pods, Kona Blend for those looking to enjoy a good, affordable option for their Keurig machine. The blend of Kona and Latin American beans offers a smooth and balanced coffee without being too strong. While it may not be ideal for die-hard Kona lovers, it’s perfect for those wanting to switch up their daily routine and try a new blend at a fair price.

Buying Guide

When looking for the best cheap coffee on Amazon, there are a few key factors we should consider to ensure we find a quality product. In this buying guide, we’ll discuss what features to pay attention to and how to make an informed decision.

Type of Coffee: First, let’s decide whether we want whole beans, ground coffee, or instant coffee. Whole beans provide the freshest taste, but they require a grinder. Ground coffee is more convenient, but may lose some flavor over time. Instant coffee is the quickest option but might not offer the same depth of flavor as the other options.

Roast Level: Coffee beans come in various roast levels, such as light, medium, and dark. Light roasts have a milder flavor, while dark roasts are bolder and more robust. Medium roasts fall somewhere in between. It’s essential to choose a roast level that suits our taste preferences.

Origin: Coffee beans are sourced from different countries around the world, each offering unique flavors and characteristics. Some popular coffee-producing regions include Brazil, Colombia, Ethiopia, and Guatemala. We should consider trying coffees from various regions to find our favorite.

Flavor Profile: Coffee beans can have a wide range of flavors, such as fruity, nutty, chocolaty, or floral. We must read the product descriptions to get a sense of each coffee’s flavor profile and choose one that appeals to our tastes.

Packaging: Lastly, let’s consider the packaging of the coffee. Resealable bags with a one-way valve are best, as they keep the coffee fresh and protect it from air exposure.

By considering these factors, we can find the best cheap coffee on Amazon that meets our needs and preferences.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best cheap K-Cups on Amazon?

In our research, we found that some of the best budget-friendly K-Cups on Amazon include brands like Solimo, Good & Gather, and Great Value. These brands offer a variety of flavors and blend options at affordable prices. Keep in mind that buying K-Cups in bulk can also result in more savings.

What is the best cheap coffee at Walmart?

Walmart offers a wide range of affordable coffee options. Based on customer reviews and price, their Great Value brand is a popular choice. This line features various roasts and flavors that provide good quality coffee at a budget-friendly price. Additionally, Walmart frequently has sales and promotions on coffee, so keep an eye out for further discounts.

What is the best cheap coffee at Costco?

If you’re a Costco member, their Kirkland Signature brand is a top choice for budget-friendly coffee. This line includes whole bean, ground, and K-Cup varieties at competitive prices. Many shoppers appreciate the quality and taste of Kirkland Signature coffee, making it a great option for those looking to save while still enjoying a satisfying cup of joe.

Where can you buy cheap coffee?

You can find affordable coffee in various locations, including Amazon, Walmart, or other grocery stores like Aldi and Lidl. Shopping during sales, buying store-brand products, or purchasing in bulk can help you save even more. Be sure to compare prices and read reviews to find the best value for your money.

What are the popular cheap coffee recommendations on Reddit?

Reddit users have shared numerous recommendations for affordable coffee, with brands like Aldi’s Barissimo, Cafe Bustelo, and Costco’s Kirkland Signature frequently mentioned. Opinions can vary, but these brands tend to be popular choices thanks to their balance of quality and affordability. Remember, personal taste preferences play a significant role, so it’s worth trying different brands to find the one that suits you best.

Does Amazon Fresh have budget coffee options?

Yes, Amazon Fresh offers budget-friendly coffee options, including their own brand, Solimo, which comes in both ground and K-Cup varieties. You can also find other affordable brands on Amazon Fresh, such as Eight O’Clock, Folgers, and Maxwell House. Be sure to check for promotions and discounts to maximize your savings as you shop.