Best Cold Brew Coffee Grounds on Amazon: Top Picks for 2024

Cold brew coffee has become increasingly popular in recent years, thanks to its smooth taste, lower acidity, and versatility. Brewing coffee this way involves steeping coffee grounds in cold water for an extended time (usually 12-24 hours). This long, slow process extracts the delicious coffee flavors without the bitterness associated with hot brewing methods. The key to a perfect cup of cold brew, though, lies in the coffee grounds themselves.

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Amazon provides a treasure trove of different coffee grounds to choose from. When looking for the best cold brew coffee grounds, factors such as the roast level, grind size, and origin of the beans play a crucial role in the final taste. For cold brewing, it’s generally recommended to use a coarser grind, as this ensures a more consistent extraction and prevents over-extraction. Additionally, using a medium to dark roast with flavor profiles matching your preference can further accentuate the enjoyable experience.

When deciding which coffee grounds to purchase, it’s important to consider the quality of the beans and their source. Organic and fair-trade certified products are often preferred for their ethical and environmental considerations, as well as the assurance of high-quality beans. We spent numerous hours examining and testing various cold brew coffee grounds available on Amazon. Our goal was to find not only the most delicious options but also products that are ethically and sustainably sourced, ensuring that your cold brew experience is satisfying in every way possible.

Now that you know what to look for when shopping for cold brew coffee grounds, join us as we dive into the world of coffee and explore the best selections Amazon has to offer, making it easier for you to find the perfect brew to satisfy your taste buds and complement your cold brew experience.

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Best Cold Brew Coffee Grounds

We have curated a list of the top cold brew coffee grounds available on Amazon, ensuring a smooth and refreshing beverage. Browse through our selections to find your perfect pick for a delicious cold brew experience.

Bizzy Organic Cold Brew Coffee: Smooth & Sweet Blend

A fantastic choice for a rich, smooth, and delicious cold brew coffee that caters to busy people.


  • Specially engineered for cold brewing
  • 100% organic and ethically sourced
  • Smooth and sweet flavor profile


  • Might be too strong for some preferences
  • Limited flavor options
  • Pricier than some competitors

Having tried the Bizzy Organic Cold Brew Coffee, we were impressed by its distinct taste and quality. The Smooth & Sweet blend combines beans from Guatemala, Peru, and Nicaragua, resulting in a medium roast with caramel and hazelnut notes. It’s clear that Bizzy has done their homework when it comes to perfecting their cold brew grounds.

Another highlight of this coffee is its versatility. You can adjust the water-to-coffee ratio according to your taste – add more water for a milder brew or less water for a stronger one. We appreciated this customizable feature as it allowed us to create the perfect cup of cold brew for our preferences.

The fact that Bizzy’s cold brew coffee is 100% organic and ethically sourced is an added bonus. It puts our minds at ease knowing we’re consuming a high-quality, sustainable product. However, we did notice that the price is slightly higher compared to some other cold brew options on the market. Nonetheless, we believe the taste and quality justify the price.

While we thoroughly enjoyed the Smooth & Sweet blend, we would have liked to see more flavor options. It caters perfectly to those who enjoy a sweet, caramel-like taste but might not suit everyone’s palate. With such a great product, we’d love to see Bizzy explore new flavor profiles in the future.

Death Wish Coffee Valhalla Java Dark Roast Grounds

Death Wish Coffee Valhalla Java Dark Roast Grounds

Death Wish Coffee Valhalla Java Dark Roast Grounds provide a powerful caffeinated boost perfect for those who crave intensity in their morning cup.


  • Bold, intense flavor
  • Made with premium Arabica and Robusta beans
  • USDA Organic certified


  • High caffeine content may be too potent for some
  • More expensive than other options
  • Bold flavor may not suit all preferences

When we first tried Death Wish Coffee Valhalla Java Dark Roast Grounds, we instantly noticed the robust and intense flavor. The blend of Arabica and Robusta beans from volcanic regions in Indonesia, Central, and South America provides a distinct taste that sets it apart from other coffee grounds. The rich and earthy notes of nuts and chocolate create a satisfying gourmet experience.

The high caffeine content in this coffee is not for the faint of heart, but it definitely gives that extra kick needed for an energy boost in the morning. We feel alive and invigorated after drinking a cup or two, though caution is advised for those sensitive to caffeine. It is important not to overconsume this coffee to avoid any adverse effects.

As Death Wish Coffee Valhalla Java Dark Roast Grounds are USDA Organic certified, it ensures the quality and commitment to sustainable practices. However, it comes with a higher price point than other coffee options, so it might be considered a luxury purchase for some consumers. Overall, if you are seeking a bold, intense coffee experience and can handle the caffeine, this is the coffee for you.

Birch Glen Roasters Caramel Cream Cold Brew Coffee

A top choice for caramel flavored coffee lovers seeking an artisanal, richly flavored cold brew experience.


  • Buttery caramel flavor
  • Artisanal roasting in New Jersey
  • Coarse ground for optimal cold brewing


  • Only 1lb bag available
  • Bold flavor may not appeal to all palates
  • Pricier than some alternatives

Kitchentoolz’s Birch Glen Roasters Caramel Cream Cold Brew Coffee offers an indulgent experience for caramel lovers. Upon brewing, we were immediately struck by the rich and buttery caramel flavor that enveloped our taste buds, creating a velvety and sophisticated sip.

What’s particularly noteworthy about this coffee is its artisanal roasting process. Birch Glen Roasters, located in the heart of New Jersey, ensures meticulous attention to detail through their micro-roastery, resulting in a truly unmatched coffee experience. This dedication to quality comes through as we’ve tasted this delightful blend of 100% Arabica beans.

The coffee blend comes in a 1lb resealable bag, ensuring the freshness of the grounds is preserved after each use. Opening the bag, we were greeted by a captivating aroma that demonstrates Birch Glen Roasters’ commitment to excellence. The coffee is coarse-ground, perfect for achieving a refreshing cold brew.

While the rich caramel flavor is a standout feature, it may not be appealing to everyone. Those with a preference for subtler flavors might be overwhelmed. Additionally, the product is only available in a 1lb bag, which may be inconvenient for those desiring larger or smaller quantities. Finally, the artisanal nature of the product may result in a higher price point compared to more generic alternatives.

Overall, Birch Glen Roasters Caramel Cream Cold Brew Coffee provides a luxurious, flavorful experience for those seeking a bold caramel-flavored cold brew with an artisanal touch. Its smooth and sophisticated nature makes it a strong contender for the best cold brew coffee grounds on Amazon.

Stack Street Organic French Vanilla Cold Brew Coffee

For an easy-to-make, bold flavor of cold brew coffee, Stack Street Organic French Vanilla is an excellent choice to start your day.


  • Premium quality coffee beans
  • USDA Organic and Kosher certified
  • Dark roast with a coarse grind, perfect for cold brew


  • Some users may not find the vanilla flavor strong enough
  • Debate on the correct brewing ratio due to inconsistency in the description
  • The grind may not be coarse enough for some coffee makers

We recently tried the Stack Street Organic French Vanilla Flavored Cold Brew Coffee Coarse Ground. The coffee grounds have a bold flavor, thanks to the dark roast and coarse grind, making it an ideal choice for cold brew and iced coffee. Being made from 100% Arabica beans, the coffee’s quality is top-notch, delivering a smooth taste that will not disappoint.

One thing that stood out to us was the packaging. Stack Street Coffee provides a resealable freshness bag that maintains the quality and aroma of the coffee grounds. The bag is made of a 3-layer PE and Aluminum Foil material with a one-way valve, ensuring that your coffee stays fresh for longer.

Although we thoroughly enjoyed the taste of Stack Street’s French Vanilla cold brew coffee, we noticed some concerns from other users. A common complaint was that the vanilla flavor may not be strong enough for some preferences. Additionally, there is some confusion about the correct brewing ratio due to inconsistency in the product description, which could lead to varied results. Lastly, some users have commented that the coffee grounds may not be coarse enough for some cold brew coffee makers, which could cause issues during the brewing process.

Overall, Stack Street Organic French Vanilla Cold Brew Coffee offers a premium taste experience for cold brew coffee lovers. However, it’s essential to consider the potential limitations mentioned above, especially if you have specific taste preferences or requirements for the coarseness of your coffee grounds.

Jo Coffee Stone Cold Jo

We highly recommend the Jo Coffee Stone Cold Jo for its smooth flavor, low acidity, and organic ingredients.


  • Silky smooth taste
  • Low acidity perfect for cold brew
  • USDA Certified Organic and Fair Trade Certified


  • Some may not prefer the dark roast profile
  • Coarse grind may not suit all brewing methods
  • Price may be higher compared to competitors

We recently tried the Jo Coffee Stone Cold Jo grounds and were impressed by the smooth and rich flavors it offers. The dark roast adds depth to the coffee with hints of toffee, caramel, chocolate, and grape undertones. These flavors are naturally occurring, which adds a touch of uniqueness to each batch.

As an organic and fair-trade certified product, we felt good knowing we were supporting ethical and eco-friendly practices. It is important to note that this coffee is specialty grade, making it one of the top 2% of organic Arabica coffee beans worldwide. This ensures the highest quality and taste in every cup.

The brewing process for this cold brew blend was hassle-free. We followed the recommended 4:1 water to coarse ground coffee ratio in our French press, refrigerated for 12+ hours, and voilà! The result was a refreshing, low-acid cold brew that we could enjoy plain or with added flavorings. The resealable packaging also made storage convenient, ensuring the grounds remain fresh.

Overall, Jo Coffee Stone Cold Jo is a standout option for those seeking high-quality cold brew coffee grounds. Whether enjoyed as is or with added flavors, it delivers a distinct and delicious coffee experience.

Buying Guide

When shopping for the best cold brew coffee grounds on Amazon, there are several key features to consider in order to ensure you’re getting the highest quality and most delicious brew for your money. In this buying guide, we will discuss the most important aspects to look for when choosing the ideal cold brew coffee grounds.

Grind Size

The grind size of the coffee grounds plays a crucial role in the flavor and strength of your cold brew. Coarser grounds are preferred, as they allow for a slower extraction process, creating a smoother and less acidic taste. Finer grounds may lead to over-extraction and produce a bitter flavor. To achieve the perfect cold brew, look for grinds specifically labeled as coarse or designed for cold brewing.

Bean Origin

Coffee beans sourced from different regions around the world offer unique flavor profiles and characteristics. Central and South American beans often have a bright, fruity flavor, while African beans typically present bold, earthy notes. Consider trying several origins to discover which region’s beans best suit your taste preferences.

Roast Level

The roast level of the coffee beans can significantly impact the resulting flavor of your cold brew. Light roasts offer a more delicate, fruity taste with higher acidity, whereas medium and dark roasts present a bolder, more full-bodied flavor with less acidity. For cold brew, a medium to dark roast is generally recommended, as this creates a rich and smooth taste that is well-suited for cold brewing methods.


When it comes to coffee, freshness matters. Look for packaging with clear roast dates or a “best by” date to ensure you’re getting the freshest coffee possible. Stale coffee grounds can result in a less flavorful and flat-tasting cold brew. Also, pay attention to the packaging; bags with a one-way valve are ideal. The valve allows CO2 to escape while preventing oxygen from entering, preserving the freshness of the grounds.

In summary, when selecting the best cold brew coffee grounds on Amazon, focus on the grind size, bean origin, roast level, and freshness. With a little exploration, you’ll be able to identify your perfect blend for a delightful and satisfying cold brew experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which flavored coffee grounds are great for cold brew?

For flavored options, consider trying Cameron’s Coffee Toasted Southern Pecan or French Vanilla. These flavors enhance the natural sweetness of the cold brew and brighten up its distinct taste.

What grind size is recommended for making cold brew coffee?

When making cold brew coffee, we recommend using a coarse grind size, similar to that of sea salt. This allows for a slower extraction process, producing a smoother and more flavorful cup.

Is there a difference between cold brew coffee grounds and regular coffee grounds?

There isn’t a significant difference between the two. However, some brands offer blends specifically designed for cold brewing, which may have a smoother flavor profile and lower acidity compared to regular coffee grounds used in hot brewing methods.

Which whole bean coffees are ideal for cold brew preparation?

Some whole bean options that work well for cold brew include Lifeboost Single Origin Cold Brew Coffee Beans, Stumptown Hairbender, and Metropolis Redline Coffee. When selecting whole beans for cold brew, look for medium roast or a light-dark roast blend, as they often provide a balanced and rich flavor.

Are there beginner-friendly coffee beans suitable for cold brew?

Yes, there are several beginner-friendly options. Many cold brew-specific brands, like Stone Street Coffee Cold Brew Reserve and Tiny Footprint Coffee, make it simple for newcomers to prepare delicious cold brew coffee with ease.

How do you fix bitter cold brew?

Bitterness in cold brew can result from over-steeping or using a grind that’s too fine. To fix it, try adjusting your brewing time, using coarser grounds, or diluting the final product with water, milk, or a milk alternative.

Can you make cold brew with any bean?

Yes, it’s possible to make cold brew with any coffee bean. However, some beans work better than others. Low-acid, medium roast, and smooth-flavored beans tend to produce the best results.

Is it better to brew cold brew on the counter or in the fridge?

Both methods work well, but there are some differences. Brewing on the counter will result in faster extraction due to the higher temperature, whereas brewing in the fridge may take longer but produce a smoother, less acidic flavor. It ultimately depends on your preferences and the desired flavor profile.