5 Best Espresso Coffee Beans: Your Secret to a Perfect Espresso

Espresso is our way of getting the maximum kick out of a finely-ground coffee. And that’s what makes it so popular.

The make-and-break of an espresso is the espresso coffee beans you are using. Choosing the right assortment of blend, roast, and flavor is your secret to getting the espresso you want. 

In this article, we will be discussing all there is to know about the best espresso coffee beans. And what to look for when buying your daily espresso.

What To Look for When Buying the Best Espresso Coffee Beans

espresso beans

Here are a few things you must consider when investing in espresso coffee beans:

Whole Beans vs. Ground Coffee

The earlier you use your coffee after being ground, the better your espresso.

Pre-ground ones save time, and that is precious, no doubt! But that should not make you compromise on your espresso.

Whole bean coffee, when you use it freshly ground, gives a better flavor profile.

Lighter or Darker Roast

Lighter or dark roast refer to the amount of heat coffee beans are exposed to on the roast. Dark roasted beans are roasted for a longer time, are higher in caffeine content, and are less acidic.

For an espresso, though, medium to dark roasts are preferred. That is because espresso is a concentrated coffee. But we don’t mind going against the rules!

Dark roasts work better because of two reasons:

  1. Dark roasted beans offer deeper tones that go well with all kinds of milk.
  2. Dark roast coffees are more consistent over time. Lightly roasted beans, however, change their taste profile as they age.


Espresso works best when the beans are no more than 21 days since off-roast. Fresh espresso beans are your secret to that rich-tasting crema on top of your espresso. Otherwise, all you’ll be having is black coffee.  

Arabica Beans

Robusta and arabica have always been at war. Robusta beans are classed as lower-quality beans. But Robusta beans are often blended in for their better crema properties.

Arabica beans are low in caffeine and tend to have a sweeter, chocolaty-rich taste. In comparison, Robusta beans tend to have a rubbery, bland flavor. So, we suggest you prefer Arabica beans over Robusta or a perfect blend for a rich espresso.

5 Best Espresso Coffee Beans

1. Starbucks Espresso Roast

  • Dark roast
  • Caramel, molasses flavor
  • Ground coffee

Some people would like to call the Starbucks Espresso roast a very dark one instead of simply a ‘dark roast.’ The very dark roast offers a less acidic, rich, chocolaty, caramel-tasting intense cup of coffee.

The moment you open the pack, you immediately know the smell. It’s the same Starbucks coffee you love but without leaving your home.

Since it’s a dark roast and finely ground, Starbucks Espresso Roast entertains strong-coffee lovers really well.

Despite its dark-roast, Starbucks espresso roast offers quite a palatable, nutty, fruity flavor.


  • Pre-ground
  • Intense, rich, everyone’s favorite palatable flavor


  • Small shelf-life
  • Dark, strong blend; not for mild-brew lovers

2. Stone Street Coffee Company Knee Buckling Espresso

  • Medium roast
  • Whole bean
  • Robust, creamy, chocolaty notes

Stone Street Coffee Company Knee Buckling Espresso

Stone street coffee knee-buckling espresso features 100 % Arabica beans. What truly stands out in this espresso coffee is that it has a complex combination of flavors from India, Africa, Indonesia.

Though it’s not all organic, it has a traceable roaster. Stone Street coffee has a small roaster in New York. That means your coffee beans are freshly roasted and made available in small batches.

Besides, the packaging features a resealable, 3-layer bag that is lined with foil on the interior. Hence, it offers optimal freshness throughout its shelf-life.

The flavor is well-balanced with a medium roast and medium acidity.


  • 100 % Arabica
  • 3-layer packaging keeps it fresh


  • Not 100 % organic
  • Not for dark-roast espresso lovers

3. Lavazza Super Crema Espresso Whole Bean Coffee

  • Medium roast
  • Whole bean
  • Sugar, hazelnut flavor

Lavazza Coffee Espresso Super Crema

Lavazza Super Crema Espresso coffee beans feature a 60/40 arabica to Robusta ratio. The considerable Robusta bean content offers rich crema, and the arabica beans add their sweet, hazelnut flavor to the espresso.

Lavazza is a quite popular choice for those who do not agree with the bitter aftertaste of an espresso. Lavazza super crema coffee beans are roasted in macro batches by a roasting method that gives a long-lasting freshness.

Lavazza super crema carries a balanced acidity owing to its Arabica and Robusta blend. Although it is known for providing a surprisingly strong punch despite the blend, it does not entertain those with strong, deadly coffee taste preferences!


  • A delicious layer of crema
  • The sweet, hazelnut flavor


  • Not for strong-coffee lovers
  • Not pure arabica

4. Stumptown Coffee Roasters Hair Bender

  • Dark roast
  • Whole bean
  • Notes of dark chocolate and citrus

Stumptown Coffee Roasters hair bender

Stumptown Coffee Roasters Hair Bender features dark-roasted beans, and that is more than enough for an espresso lover to buy. But there is more to Stumptown Coffee roasters than meets the eye!

What’s different for the dark roasted beans of Stumptown coffee roasters is that they are not as oily as expected. But it has the same complex, rich, deep flavor profile as anyone expects from a dark roast.

Whole beans allow you to get the maximum freshness in your morning espresso. And in that regard, the packaging has been designed to keep the freshly roasted beans for a maximum duration.

It does not incorporate blends from all around the world to give an incomprehensible flavor. Rather, Stumptown features Indonesian coffee beans mixed with those of Latin America and Africa. And this really boldens the flavor.  


  • Dark roasted but not oily
  • Innovation bags for a long-lasting freshness


  • Bags are not resealable
  • Complex aftertaste; bitter notes

5. Illy Classico Espresso Ground Coffee

  • Arabica
  • Notes of chocolate and caramel
  • Medium roast

Illy Classico Espresso Ground Coffee

Illy deserves a mention of its age-old reputation and trust among espresso lovers. Illy Classic espresso Ground coffee is a unique blend from all over the world, counting to almost nine different blends. But like any other international blends on the market, Illy has managed to keep the ratio consistent, rich, and flavorful.

Another thing that espresso lovers like about Illy ground coffee is that they chose to medium roast instead of dark roasting their coffee beans. This brings just the right smokiness to the rich, flavorful blend.

Since it’s pre-ground, those with the likes of a typical espresso are going to love it. Ground coffee lets your espresso get the maximum kick out of it! Besides, the sealed can packaging preserves its freshness for as long as its shelf-life.


  •         100 % arabica
  •         Rich and flavorful


  •         A tiny compromise on crema
  •         Not too strong; medium roast


Dark-roasted arabica beans are a favorite among espresso lovers. But it’s coffee! It allows any blend, any roast, any flavor that satisfies your taste buds. Do your research, go for a hit and trial, and find yourself an espresso partner that’s always there for you!

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