Coffee Makers and Grinders – Find the Best Option for You

This page will document the different types of coffee makers and grinders we have used and include a detailed review of each of them. Each coffee maker and grinder will be given a score of 0 to 10.

Since we are scoring, you might be wondering what our criteria for scoring is. We are going to be factoring in three things: taste, convenience and cost. You may have realized by now that I am not the most sophisticated coffee tester in the world, but I do drink a lot of coffee and will do my best to help you make an informed decision on the products I have used.

All of the coffee makers and grinders reviews on this page are ones I have actually used. I don’t want to stand behind a product or bash a product unless I have actually used it myself.

*Disclaimer* – Any links on this page could be an affiliate link. If you use these to make a purchase I will be paid an affiliate commission at no extra cost to you. 

Coffee Makers

Bodum Brazil French Press Coffee Maker

Bodum Brazil French Press Coffee Maker

I purchased this French Press a couple years ago in June of 2018 and must admit it is the only one I have ever felt the urge to use. Keep that in mind when I give my official score for it.

Official Score: 6.5

Since this is the only French Press I’ve ever used, I gave it a slightly above average score.



By now most of us know what a Keurig is. It became a household name because of its ability to give you coffee by the cup in about a minute.

I got mine as a wedding gift. Turns out the Keurig lasted a lot longer than my marriage. Either way, the Keurig puts out a very weak cup of coffee in short order. Not to mention if you get decent coffee you are paying over 50 cents a cup. Comparatively, a French Press makes a cheaper cup of coffee that tastes much, much better, but it’s not nearly as convenient.

If you take the taste of your coffee seriously, you will not care for the Keurig. If you only care about convenience and making a single cup of coffee in short order, then this is the option for you.

Official Score: 5.3

If your only concern is getting a cup of coffee as you head out to work and taste isn’t of much concern, the Keurig is the answer for you. For those who desire any more, it’s not a great option.

Coffee Grinders

Mr. Coffee Automatic Burr Mill Coffee Grinder

Admittedly, I’ve only had two electronic coffee grinders. The first one was a coffee grinder that broke down within a month. Since Mr. Coffee was kind enough to replace it with this coffee grinder, I am going to let them off the hook as far as reviewing that one. Also, I don’t remember which grinder it was.

Not only is this a coffee grinder, but it’s also a place to store your coffee beans. It’s a great grinder for me because it offers a burr grinder feature, which is exactly what you need for a French Press.

Official Score: 7.7

I didn’t want to go too hight since it was the only one I’ve ever had and want to allow for some upward mobility in the scoring department. What if I made it a perfect ten and the next grinder I get is a great deal better? That’s why there will never be a perfect ten. Maybe one day this blog is so successful that I’m getting coffee grinders shipped to me in order to be reviewed and featured on my booming website. A man can dream, right?

SURPEER Stainless Steel Portable Coffee Mill 

This one is going to be short and sweet. I owned this manual grinder for a couple of weeks before it succumbed to my incredible strength. I was cranking it to grind my coffee when I ripped the handle off.

Maybe I’m just too strong for a coffee grinder where you grind the coffee with your own muscle. Or maybe this was an awful coffee grinder. We’ll just play it safe and give it a low score.

Official Score 1.1

Since I will never own another manual coffee grinder, I hope you enjoyed this one a great deal.