Does McDonald’s Have Decaf Iced Coffee?

For most people, a big part of the reason they drink coffee is due to caffeine. Despite this, there is a big faction of people who drink decaffeinated coffee. Crazy, right? In this article, we answer the question: Does McDonald’s have decaf iced coffee?

mcdonalds iced coffee


Does McDonald’s Have Decaf Iced Coffee?

No, they do not. Despite having four different decaf options, they are still unable to have an iced decaf option.

If they are able to produce a decaf coffee, then why can’t McDonald’s just throw some ice in it and call it a day? GREAT question.

While iced decaf coffee is not available at every McDonald’s, according to this Reddit thread it IS available in the Northeast.

Does anyone know how to order a decaf iced coffee or other variations from starbucks

So if you want a decaf iced coffee you have to head to the Northeast.

How Much Caffeine is in McDonald’s Iced Coffee?

Since most of us are unable to get a decaf iced coffee, we might as well examine how much caffeine is in a regular McDonald’s Iced Coffee. A small (11.5 oz.) iced coffee from McDonald’s has 133 mg of caffeine, according to Caffeine Informer. Why do they give the statistics for 11.5 oz. when a small McDonald’s coffee is 12 oz.? That’s a great question for Caffeine Informer.

Does McDonald’s Have Decaf Coffee?

Yes, for some reason they have decaf coffee but are unable to produce decaf iced coffee. Hopefully, for the sake of the iced decaf drinkers out there, they make this happen soon.

Does McDonald’s Have Decaf Frappes?

McDonald’s Frappes do not have caffeine. Furthermore, at this point, there is no plan in the works by the fast-food chain to make this happen. To me, these are more of a dessert than a wake-me-up beverage to start the day. Either way, if you want to enjoy one of these bad boys, it must be with caffeine.

mcdonald's frappes

McDonald’s Iced Coffee Menu

If you’ve never browsed the fast-food chain giant’s coffee menu, you may be surprised by the wide array of iced options offered. There are sugary and sugar-free flavors that can be added to your iced coffee drinks. Here is a look at the iced coffee menu:

mcdonalds iced coffee menu

For good measure, we threw in the rest of the McDonald’s McCafe menu.


It looks like if you’re looking to score a decaffeinated coffee beverage at McDonald’s, it’s just going to be the good old standard, hot cup of joe. As an alternative, you could keep a cooler filled with ice in your car at all times. Better yet, you could ask for an XL cup of water along with your cup of hot coffee every time you order it.