McDonald’s Senior Coffee

McDonald’s is one of the largest fast-food chains in the U.S. with over 14,000 locations world wide. While they offer several promotions and deals on menu items, the McDonald’s senior discount on coffee is a great money-saving deal. As part of the senior discount, senior citizens can receive either a free coffee or one at a deeply reduced price.

While the cost of coffee may not seem like much, it can definitely add up over time. For instance, if you are paying $1.50 per day on coffee 7 days a week, do the math. If you receive a senior discount, it can save money — nothing life-changing, but you could use the savings to put gas in your tank. So senior citizens should definitely take advantage of senior coffee discounts, free soft drinks, and any other McDonald’s senior discount available.

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How Much is the McDonald’s Coffee Senior Discount?

This depends on the restaurant. McDonald’s is made up of franchises, so it is up to the individual restaurant to set the price. At some locations the coffee is free, and at others, customers can receive deep discounts. The regular coffee price can range anywhere from $1 to $1.50 per cup. After the discount, the price can range anywhere between 60 and 87 cents. Either way, senior coffee discounts are a great way to save money.

Again, it all depends upon the rules outlined by the specific franchise. Some don’t offer senior coffee discounts at all. To find out more about senior discounts, McDonald’s has a store locator. All of the franchise information is listed to get more information regarding free coffee and other discounts for senior citizens.

How Much is a McDonald’s Senior Coffee?

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Depending on the location, a senior discount could probably save at least 50%. But there are several locations where senior citizens can get their coffee for free. Just think of how those free savings can add up over time. Coffee is not cheap. And many seniors who are already living a frugal lifestyle can barely afford a cup of coffee.

That being said, free coffee is a great way of keeping a McDonald’s senior happy and coming back. Senior citizens can also take advantage of discounted soft drinks as well. With 8-oz drinks at McDonald’s costing nearly $2, this is a great deal. The cost of fast food is steadily rising. In fact, in the age of COVID-19, the costs have skyrocketed. It only makes sense to have a McDonald’s senior discount age of 55.

What Size is the McDonald’s Senior Coffee?

Back in the day when the McDonald’s senior coffee discount was uniform, the senior discounts criteria consisted of a free 8-oz cup of coffee. Today, since more restaurants are considered franchises, this has changed. Each restaurant controls the coffee size and senior discount savings.

The senior discount cup can vary on what size coffee you want. Some restaurants offer a senior discount cup of 8-oz. cup and at some locations, senior citizens may receive a senior discount on a 12-oz. cup. Keep in mind that many international locations have different senior discount rules regarding senior discounts on free coffee and soft drinks. For instance, there may be different age stipulations to receive a McDonald’s senior discount. Senior discounts may also be offered for senior citizens who make a food purchase.

Other McDonald’s Senior Discounts

In addition to free coffee and free soft drinks, McDonald’s offers senior discounts for other menu items as well. Again, the senior discount is contingent upon the rules and regulations of the specific location. Individuals who are a McDonald’s senior, can get senior discounts on select dessert items and even main entrée items. For instance, free burgers or anything else on the menu may be discounted on certain days and times.

This can drastically reduce the overall price of the order. Be sure to check with the McDonald’s location to determine if a McDonald’s senior discount applies. So, senior citizens who want to save money should investigate how McDonald’s senior savings can help them.

Do You Need A Card For Your Senior Discount?

A McDonald’s senior does not need to have a card to receive a senior discount. However, in some instances individuals redeeming senior coffee discounts or McDonald senior food discounts may need to show proof of age. In most cases, a senior discount can be redeemed for individuals over the age of 55. This is much the way of how individuals provide proof of AARP discounts.

While most individuals who use the McDonald’s senior program to receive a senior discounts are honest, some abuse the system. It is rare that a senior discount is used by someone under the age of 55.

Other Ways Seniors Can Get Discounts

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In addition to the senior discount, senior citizens can also take advantage of gift cards to save money. They can pair gift cards with a senior discount to receive a McDonald’s senior coffee and more. Seniors can go to different websites like
and purchase them in bulk. A senior can find savings as high as 30-40%.

Senior discounts can also be redeemed through veterans discounts. For seniors who are also veterans, they can utilize a McDonald’s senior savings for free coffee and meals. A McDonald’s senior can save money with both daily and limited time specials.

The price of foods and goods are constantly rising. Individuals over the age of 55 should take advantage of a senior discount at McDonald’s. This money saving program offers senior coffee discounts, McDonald’s senior savings on other menu items, and more. What better way to honor seniors than to help them save a bit of money?

These savings for a McDonald’s senior can go a long way. Finding out more information about the McDonald’s senior discount is simple as a zip code search. Seniors can get all the information they need regarding how to qualify for a senior discount. McDonald’s senior discount will definitely allow seniors to enjoy food and drinks at much lower rates. Again, be aware that some restrictions do apply to the senior discount depending on the location.

FAQ Section: McDonald’s Senior Coffee

What is McDonald’s Senior Coffee?

McDonald’s Senior Coffee is a discounted coffee option available to seniors aged 55 and over at participating McDonald’s locations.

How much is McDonald’s Senior Coffee?

The price of McDonald’s Senior Coffee varies by location, but it’s typically around 10% off the regular price.

Do I need to show ID to get McDonald’s Senior Coffee?

It depends on the location. Some McDonald’s locations may require ID to verify age, while others may not.

Can I get McDonald’s Senior Coffee all day? 

Yes, McDonald’s Senior Coffee is available all day at participating locations.

Is McDonald’s Senior Coffee available for delivery or mobile ordering?

It depends on the location. Some McDonald’s locations may offer Senior Coffee for delivery or mobile ordering, while others may not.

Is McDonald’s Senior Coffee available in all countries?

No, McDonald’s Senior Coffee is only available in select countries where McDonald’s operates. The availability and price may vary by location.

Can I get McDonald’s Senior Coffee with any purchase?

No, McDonald’s Senior Coffee is only available in select countries where McDonald’s operates. The availability and price may vary by location.