Wake and Bake Mug – Amazing Way to Improve Your Mornings!

The world-renowned Wake and Bake Mug makes it easy for coffee-drinking stoners to take care of two of their essentials at the same time. Enjoy your morning smoke with your morning joe!

Start Your Day Off Right With This Wake and Bake Mug

wake and bake mug

“Two birds with one stone” as a wise man (or woman) once said.

Can You Smoke Out of the Wake and Bake Mug?

Well, yeah! Not only can you smoke herb and drink coffee, but it also separates the two completely. There will be no trace of coffee in your smoke and vice versa. Pretty freaking sweet!

How to Clean a Wake and Bake Coffee Mug

Any experienced smoker wants to know how they are going to keep this beautiful mug clean. Getting it clogged up with resin is a no-no! Clean a Wake and Bake Mug by using a pipe cleaning solution or spray. Follow that up with a pipe cleaner or cotton ball, then soak it in soapy water before rinsing it.

In other words, this can be cleaned the same way you’ve cleaned your other bongs and bowls over the years.

Wake and Bake Mug on Amazon

Wake and Bake mugs are a popular item on Amazon, with multiple options available for purchase. A search for “wake and bake mugs” on Amazon returns over 100 results, with prices ranging from under $10 to over $20. These mugs often feature humorous or playful designs related to the phrase “wake and bake,” which is a slang term for smoking marijuana upon waking up in the morning. The most popular mug is the ISTOOLL Wake and Bake Coffee Mug. (This is an affiliate link. That means if you use it to make a purchase we will earn a small commission at no extra charge to you.)

wake & bake mug amazon

What is the Point of Wake and Bake?

If you have to ask, then it’s probably not for you. The point of wake and bake is to get your day started right with the positivity that the sticky green brings into your life. It helps fuel creativity, eases pain, along with many other positives of marijuana. If green increases your productivity and creates a better day for you, then go for it!