When Did Coffee Come to Canada?

Coffee has been around for centuries, with the first documented coffee drinkers dating back to the 15th century. But when did coffee come to Canada? Surprisingly, it took a while for coffee to catch on in our cold, wintry country. Let’s take a look at the history of coffee in Canada and how it’s evolved over the years. Spoiler alert: we’ve come a long way since instant coffee!

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The first coffeehouse in Canada opened its doors in 1789 in Quebec City. But it wasn’t until the early 1800s that coffee drinking really started to take off. At that time, most Canadians were still living in rural areas and growing their own food. Coffee was expensive and hard to come by, so it was mostly consumed by wealthy urbanites.

As the country began to urbanize in the late 1800s and early 1900s, coffee drinking became more common. But it wasn’t until the 1950s that coffee culture really exploded in Canada. This was thanks in part to the rise of mass-produced instant coffee, which made brewing a cup of joe much easier and more convenient.

Today, coffee is an ubiquitous part of Canadian culture. We’ve come a long way from those early days of instant coffee, and now there are countless ways to enjoy a cup of coffee. From pour-overs to cold brews, there’s something for everyone.

With such a rich history, it’s no wonder that coffee is such a big part of our culture today. So next time you enjoy a cup of coffee, take a moment to think about how it came to be in Canada. Who knows, you might just develop a new appreciation for your morning brew!

Where Did Coffee Originate?

Coffee is thought to have originated in Ethiopia, with the first coffee plants appearing in the country around the 15th century. From Ethiopia, coffee spread to other parts of Africa, and then to Europe and the Americas. It’s believed that coffee first came to North America in the mid-1700s, although it took a while for it to catch on.

Who Sells the Most Coffee in Canada?

Tim Hortons is by far the most popular coffee chain in Canada, with over 3,600 locations across the country. Starbucks is a distant second, with just over 1,100 stores. These two chains account for almost 60% of all coffee sales in Canada!

What’s the Best Coffee in Canada?

This is a tough question to answer, as there are so many great coffees out there. But if we had to choose, we would say the best coffee in Canada is from Vancouver-based 49th Parallel Roasters. Their coffees are consistently delicious, and they offer a wide variety of roasts and brewing methods.

How Much Coffee Do Canadians Drink?

Canadians consume an average of 2.8 cups of coffee per day, which adds up to about 102 litres (27 gallons) per year. This makes us the sixth-largest coffee-consuming nation in the world!


In closing, coffee is a beloved part of Canadian culture with a rich history. Whether you like your coffee black or with cream and sugar, there’s no denying that it plays an important role in our lives. So next time you enjoy a cup, take a moment to think about how this delicious beverage came to be in Canada.